Give Away

Students scramble to try and give their tickets to friends based on the teacher's directions.

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Originally submitted by Erica Johnson on Mar 23, 2010.


After giving students a set of tickets, have them write their name on every ticket.

Explain to students that they want to give their tickets away, but that a recieving person can only accept one ticket of each color. Some students will not be able to give some of their tickets away.

Call out directions. Some examples include:
- Give a boy your red ticket.
- Give a tall student your brown ticket.
- Give your green ticket to a teacher.
- Give your yellow ticket to a kendo player.

Students have to try and follow the directions as quickly as possible.

After you have called out an instruction for each ticket color, have the students sit down and count the number of tickets with their own name that they still have. The student with the fewest is the winner.

Give students the worksheet, and have them practice writing.


  • I used nine different colors and it worked well.



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Estimated time: 15-20 min

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November 22, 2019


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