Country Race

Students race to find the spellings of each country and report it to their partner.

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Originally submitted by Richard Benoit on Jun 16, 2011.


  • Before class hang 3-4 posters of the country map around the room. (A4 size is fine)
  • After distributing the worksheet to the students, have them pair up and decide who is A and who is B.
  • Student A starts as a reporter and runs to one of the posters and tries to remember the spelling of number 1 (Brazil). They then return to his partner and reports the spelling to Student B who will record the spelling.
  • When student A has reported his 6 countries spellings, it's student B's turn to become the reporter and A becomes the recorder.
  • When they are finished reporting their respective country spellings, they will consolidate their answers, and race to show the teachers their completed worksheet. At which point the teacher rewards them with whatever system they are using: Points, stickers, stamps etc.


  • When finished with the game be sure to go over the pronunciation of each country name as they tend to be wildly different in Japanese.


  • Tweak the tone on the coping machine to make sure the flags are clear on the black and white student copies. (I went for a lighter tone than usual)
  • It is good to keep the posters A4 so students actually need to get close to the poster to see the spellings. This way they aren't able to just sit at their desks and dictate the spelling to their partner. Another way to make sure the students can't see the answers from their desks is to use post-it notes over the country spellings.
  • Students may try to just stand at the poster, and yell the answer across the room at their partner.
  • Students may try to bring their worksheet and pen and record the answers.
  • This is geared to first year students who are in the process of learning their ABCs or really low classes.



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Estimated time: 20-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

November 21, 2019


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