Future Deductions

Students try to uncover their partner's secret animal based upon deductive reasoning using future tense questions.

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Originally submitted by Lynn Bunter on Mar 20, 2008.

Have the students form groups of two and review the future tense and pronouns.

Each student secretly chooses an animal on the left side of the worksheet.

The object is to discover their partner's secret animal by asking questions using future tense questions. For example, 'student A' chooses the cat. 'Student B' asks, "Will you teach me English?" 'Student A' responds, "Yes, I will teach you English." This means 'student A' cannot be the dog or a rabbit. Let's say the 'student B' then asks, "Will you show me your house," and 'student A' responds, "No, I will not show you my house." This means 'student A' cannot be a rabbit or a panda.

To motivate the students, tell them the first person to guess the correct animal is the winner.

Do a demonstration and then have the students play for 2-3 rounds.



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Estimated time: 5-15 min

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November 20, 2019


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