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Students fill out a worksheet about themselves. The class has to match the worksheet (likes/dislikes/activities) to the student.

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Detailed Explanation:

  • Hand out the worksheet and have students fill in the blanks (three likes, three dislikes, three activities and their name). Students who finish fast can write some extra information in the two blank lines at the bottom.
  • Collect all of the worksheets, make sure that they have names.
  • Choose one worksheet at random, explain that holding this worksheet makes you become the person who wrote it. Read one like, one dislike and one activity. Ask the class, "What is my name?" If nobody knows read one more of each (repeat).
  • If a student knows whose worksheet is being read they can stick up their hand and answer, "Your name is..."
  • The first student with a correct answer gets a sticker and becomes the worksheet reader for the next round (i.e. Repeat from Step 3 with that student).
  • Each student can only read one time and each worksheet can only be read one time. If a student answers correctly in two rounds they get to pick somebody else to get the sticker and become the worksheet reader.


PAIR VARIATION: (For shy classes or for extra speaking practice)

  • After Step 2, hand out the worksheets randomly through the class.
  • In pairs students take turns saying one thing from the worksheet they were given. Each student has three chances to guess the other player's worksheet writer. The first opposing player to correctly guess wins.
  • Shuffle worksheets and partners and repeat from Step 4.

LARGE CLASS VARIATION: (For 20+ students)

  • Step 1.5: Break the class into two groups and have one teacher guide each group (boys/girls make good groups as students are generally more familiar with friends of the same sex. By treating a big class like two smaller classes you make the guessing easier and give twice as many students a turn at speaking.

Teaching Suggestions:

  • The JTE and the ALT should fill out worksheets too.
  • For low-level classes: Work through the worksheet section by section with the students and help the student reading.


  • If you use stickers make sure that everybody gets one to avoid hurt feelings in Step 6.



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Estimated time: 30-50 min

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November 20, 2019


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