Kantan Interview

Kantan means easy. Students interview two boys, girls and teachers to complete their questionnaire worksheet.

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Hand out the worksheets and have the students write their names on the worksheet. Help the students fillout the 'Toolbox' section of the worksheet and practice saying the new words.

The kanji located in the boxes directly below the box entitled 'name' are translated as: 男(boy), 女(girl), 先生(teacher). The students must interview two boys, two girls, ALT and JTE. The process of this interview consists of them standing up, meeting someone and jankening to see who asks all of the interview questions first. NOTE: A student who says "No, I don't" to the first question does not need to be asked the second question. Simply, write 'NO' in that particular memo box. It would be strange for a conversation to go:

  • "Do you eat Japanese food?"
  • "No, I do not."
  • "What do you eat?"

Once the interview is finished, have them switch and the other person conducts the interview. When both people are done, they say their farewells and find their next interview partner.

When they have finished all six interviews, based upon the notes they took, they write 5 sentences.


  • For the memo writing, I allow my students to take notes in English or Japanese but NOT katakana-English.



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Estimated time: 30 min

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November 20, 2019


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