My Dream School

Students create their own school virtual school along with their dream rules.

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Originally submitted by Patrick Bickford on Mar 6, 2008.

Split the class into small groups. Groups of 3 is suggested for large classes but depending on your class and the environment of your class, you may want to change this.

Then, you need to setup the scenario for the students. Tell them their current school is the principal's school but they are going to create their own school with their own school's name, principal, classes, etc.

After you hand out the worksheet and the students have a chance to oohh and aahh over the cool worksheet and the funny picture in the upper righthand corner, have them listen to a mock conversation you do with your JTE. It's important to jazz up the answers so have JTE ask you the questions. I did this activity recently and the conversation went like this:

  • JTE: This is Sanwa JHS. What's your school name?
  • ME: My school's name is Baka JHS.
  • JTE: Baka!?!? That's an interesting name. What's your Kocho's name?
  • ME: His name is Orange Range. He likes music and the song 'Flower'.
  • JTE: Do you have school uniforms?
  • Me: No, we have 'free wear'. 'Free wear' is cool!!
  • JTE: How many students are in a class?
  • Me: 5, but we like it!
  • JTE: How many subjects do you study?
  • ME: We study for 4 subjects: basketball, volleyball, video games and onsen relaxing. We don't like math, science and history, so we do NOT study those subjects.
  • JTE: I like your school!

Then, have the students spend 5-10 minutes answering the background questions at the top of the worksheet.

Next, comes the point of the entire lesson. The students must create the school rules at their dream school for teachers, boys and girls. This area should push the limits of their English skills to the limit but by this time you/JTE have already setup a fun and imaginative scenario so it's easy to push their limits.


  • If time allows, have the students share read out their dream schools, or if they are too shy collect the papers, mix them up and read them out to the class for their listening pleasure.
  • You may find some students are too indecisive when working together to create their dream schools. If this is the case, have extra copies of the handout on hand and allow the students to work individually.


  • For lower level classes, I would suggest: 1.) walk the class through the top section of the worksheet, 2.) delete the more difficult questions, or 3.) skip it altogether.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

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November 20, 2019


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