Can You Find A Pair

Students ask each other "Can you..." questions until they find their pair.

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Originally submitted by Catherine Burgemeister on Dec 9, 2014.


  • Can you... cards. There are 40 cards. If you need more: You can print duplicates, or add your own originals. If you make your own, just make sure that there is a pair - MOST IMPORTANT! If you need less, just print the number of pages that you need. Each page is 1 set.
  • Each student is given 1 card. They ask students around the classroom "Can you..." (whatever is on their card), until they find the student that has the answer for their question. They write the name of the student on their paper.


  • Increase difficulty: Provided the students have learnt the appropriate questions, answers, etc.
  • Option 1: When the activity is finished, students can tell other students in pairs "Ms Catherine can sing" (whatever is on their card). This could also be done in groups.
  • Option 2: The teachers can ask students "Can .... sing?" (read the name from the student's card). The student would then answer Yes, she/he can. Teachers could also ask some questions that would require to say "No, she/he can't."
  • Depending on the students levels, this could also be done in groups.
  • Option 3: Teachers could ask the group "What can Mr/Ms.... do?". The student with that card would raise their hand and respond with "She/he can ...." (whatever is on their card). This could be fun as students hear their names and things that they can or cannot actually do being read out by a classmate.


  • Ensure that students are speaking English and do not show each other their cards.



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Estimated time: 15 min

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November 20, 2019


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