Infinitive Poker

This activity is a high stakes card game that gets kids using infinitives.

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Originally submitted by Vincent Tea / Joyce P. Le on Oct 14, 2008.


  • InfinitivePoker attachments: The first two pages are cards and the last page is a cheat sheet. As for the cards, print out and copy these onto B4 card paper and cut them into cards. Each student should receive five cards. As for the cheet sheet, blow it up and affix it to the chalkboard to help the students understand the scoring system.


-The goal of this game is to try and receive high point cards. The game is similar to Go Fish.
- Write on the chalkboard:

"Do you have something to eat? (drink/read/etc.)"
"Yes, I do. I have some chicken to eat. (drink/read/etc.)"

  • Then, ask the class, "Do you have something to eat?" Roughly a third of the students will raise their hands. Point them to the second part of what you wrote on the chalkboard. It should be fairly obvious for them to repeat, "Yes, I do. I have some chicken to eat." Repeat a few times with the verbs 'drink' and 'read'. Then, write, "No, I don't" on the board and let the students repeat this phrase a couple times.
  • To best explain the game to the students, demonstrate the game first with the JTE. Deal each of yourselves five cards and hold them like you are playing poker.
  • Once again, go through the question/answer dialogue on the board with the JTE to show the students the question/answer pattern for playing the game.
  • Let's say you start by asking the JTE if they have an 'eat' card (Do you have something to eat?) and the JTE does, they must give you one of their 'eat' cards. If they have multiple 'eat' cards, they can choose which card to give you. However, keep in mind the goal of this game is to try and collect high point cards. If the JTE doesn't have an 'eat' card, they say, "No, I don't," and hold up their cards, so the backs of them are facing you and you get to choose one a card. However, if the JTE has a joker, they can shaft you by giving you a joker. However, if they have an 'eat' card, they can't use the joker.
  • Once you receive a card, the roles reverse and the JTE asks you a question about the cards in your hand. The same rules apply to the JTE.
  • It is important to mention, when the students start playing the game and after a pair of students have each exchanged one card, they must find another partner. They can't keep asking each other questions.
  • Give each student five cards, with the jokers mixed in, and have them start play.
  • After about 10-15 minutes, stop play and have the students count up their points. Points can be obtained either two ways:

1) Award the students points via poker rules, hence Infinitive Poker.
2) If students have a pair, the point value of the two cards are added together then doubled. If they have a 3-of-a-kind, the points are tripled, and so on.


  • You can always get more clipart and do other vocabulary, like chores to do, subjects to study, etc. You can expand this to something like, "I am hungry. Do you have something to eat?"


  • Since the explanation little complicated, it's best to just do examples with the teacher and possibly getting some volunteers from the class to help afterwards.
  • After or before the game rattle off some foods, drinks, and reading material. For example:

You: "Water!"
Student: "Something to drink!"


  • Make sure the kids understand that they have to get one card for every card they give away. Too many kids just give away their cards. I originally did this with handwritten point values on the cards and lots of 1's magically became 4's.
  • Make sure you get back all the cards at the end of the period. The world is warm enough, lets try to keep the deforestation for the sake of inane chugakusei games to a minimum.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

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November 19, 2019


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