Janken Swap

A card game where students janken and win cards from their opponents.

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Originally submitted by Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011.


  • Small cards with a picture of a book on them. Make enough so that each student has 4 cards. Also, make about 30-40 spare cards.

Detailed Explanation:

Give each student four cards.

Have the students interview for 4-5 minutes. Students interview each other with:

A: Hello.
B: Hello.
A: How many cards do you have?
B: I have (4) cards. How many cards do you have?
A: I have (4) cards.
(A and B janken. Loser gives winner one card)

When a student has no cards, they go to the teacher. The interview is like this:

St: Hello.
T: Hello. How many cards do you have?
St: I have no cards. (or "I don't have any cards.")
T: Here you are. (gives one card)
St: Thank you.

If you give points at the end of the game, give points to students who have no cards and students who have the most cards, because "Students with no cards talked to many people."


  • You can change the picture on the card to pigs or any other countable noun.
  • Have students count how many times they interviewed other students.


  • Be aware students may not interview each other and just do janken or may 'give' cards to other students.

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Estimated time: 15-30 min

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November 19, 2019


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