Shadow Guess

A silhouette quiz with the entire class followed by a similar quiz done in pairs.

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Originally submitted by Michael McCashin on Nov 15, 2012.


  • ShadowPosters: For the quiz with the whole class and to demonstrate the activity.
  • ShadowGuess: Attachment for the pair work.
  • Magnets or tape


  • This explanation is only really going to make sense if you look at the attachments first.
  • Print out one set of B4 or A3 sized 'Shadow Posters'.
  • Print out both the A and B versions of the 'Shadow Guess' attachment.

Class Quiz

  • Pre teach 'glasses' and 'holding.'
  • Split the class up into as many teams as you see fit.
  • Stick all of the blacked out 'Shadow Posters' B4s or A3s up on the board.
  • Ask the questions written under each picture and after each question is answered stick the non blacked out version on the board. The 'Shin Oni' one will probably require hints ('He is on TV on December 31st.' 'Chiaki'.)
  • You can award points to the teams that guess the shadows correctly.

Pair Work

  • Hand out the A version of the 'Shadow Guess' attachment to half the class and the B version to the other half.
  • Students with an A sheet must pair up with students with a B sheet.
  • The students ask the questions to their partner as written on the page. Each question corresponds to a shadow on the other student's page. There are 7 questions in all.
  • If their partner can answer the question they get 5 points. If they can't, the student reads their partner the hint in the next column. If the partner can answer after getting the hint they get 3 points.
  • When all 7 questions are asked the scores are tallied.




Total 0

Estimated time: 30-35 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

November 18, 2019


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