FUN SHAPES 'Are as fun as it gets'

A point get game for practicing 'She runs faster than me' and 'Cats are as cute as dogs'

This was made with New Crown 2 Lesson Seven in mind since these two grammar points are presented on the same page.

I'm sure it will suit other textbooks introducing the same grammar points.

It is a group activity although I'd complete the round one demonstration before making groups.

On the demonstration page you click on the Number One line once to show a hint picture such as 'the bed' for 'later' and then click on the same line again to make the picture vanish and an example answer appear 'My father goes to bed later than me'. Then click one of the color shapes to see how many points you'd get. Continue to the next one. This is a shark. The students might be able to guess 'A shark swims faster than....' or you can just reveal the answer if they are shy. Click another shape for more points. Then do the last example. Tell the students that there will not be enough color shapes for all the sentences so they must bring their answers quickly. Tell them one teacher checks the answers then go to the other for their points. They can write their own points on the board. They should bring their answer paper as well as the group paper. Cross out the used word on the group paper so they can't use it again with another students paper.

The next slide gives the students a chance to practice all the shapes. Click the yellow arrow when you're ready to go to the next slide. Before doing that have them make groups. Once they are in groups and questions are answered go to the next screen. You might want to check the vocabulary before that.

On the point screen there are 35 shapes. If you are teaching a smaller class such as one with 6 groups you might want to erase a line to force them to go faster. Once all the points are gone you end the round.

The next round is 'Tom runs the fastest in the class' and the sample screen works the same way.

The third round switches to 'As As' and they can usually get 'Bananas are as yellow as lemons' The other two they might not get especially the last one. Show them each to give them ideas and to make sure they know to use 'is' or 'are' or even 'isn't' and 'aren't'

The last round is a level up. In this round there is only one example. This time they make the sentence such as 'recycling is as important as studying' and a follow up sentence. Point out for actions they must use 'ing'.


2年生 FUN SHAPES 'Adverbs and As As'.docx

2年生 FUN SHAPES 'Adverbs and as as'.pptx

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Estimated time: Once they get going it will go fast. 25 minutes including demonstration. Maybe longer with a big or slow class.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

November 15, 2019


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