A game to get the students to practice the four parts of learning (reading, writing, talking and listening) while trying to find out who kidnapped Miki Ando.

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Originally submitted by Rebecca Smith on Dec 2, 2008.


  • Start off with a short review of the grammar point so the students know what it is.
  • Hand out worksheets to all the students. Read them the story at the top of the worksheet and make sure that they understand it. Also, go over the suspects and the places to make sure the students know these people and places.
  • The students should divide up into 6 groups. Each group gets 2 clue cards.
  • In their group, the students should divide up the roles: two writers, two interviewers, and two readers. The roles can be adjusted if needed. The interviewers have to go to different groups to get the clues. They have to memorize the clues and come back to tell the writers of their group. The readers read one clue each to people from other groups.
  • All of the students will have to write the clues on their worksheets in the end.
  • After they have all the clues, they need to guess who kidnapped Miki Ando and where she is (there is a space on the worksheet where they need to write down their guesses).
  • Two students from each group should come to the board to write their hints just in case any group missed one (or wrote something wrong). This can also help the students who haven't had a chance to write the clues down on their own worksheets yet.
  • Poll the class and see if each group was right. In my classes we always had everyone get the place but a few groups always missed the person.


  • You can change the names and places.


  • Some students may just sit there and not do the work. Others may steal the hint cards so they don't have to memorize the sentences.




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Estimated time: 35-50 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

November 11, 2019


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