Christmas Dash

A Christmas Themed Race activity useful for reviewing various lessons
This activity was inspired by:

This is a re-skin of the Monster Dash halloween game and I'll provide a link to that once this is posted.

The rules are exactly the same.

I actually use 'Krampus Attack' most of the time when I do a Christmas Quiz lesson so I haven't used this yet.

I've included a blank copy. You'll need to make your own questions. I'll post some once I've actually prepared them.

If I use it at all.

If you do make questions and use it please post yours on the Altopedia. It will save me some work.


Christmas Dash Characters.docx

Christmas Dash Game TEMPLATE.pptx

christmas dash worksheet TEMPLATE.docx

3年生 Christmas Dash (Could requests).docx

3年生 Christmas Dash (Could requests).pptx

3年生 Christmas Dash 'reduced relative pronoun'.docx

3年生 Christmas Dash 'reduced relative pronoun'.pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: At least 25 minutes and maybe less than 35.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

November 06, 2019


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