Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attacks

Three activities rolled up together.

Canadian Christmas Quiz

It was originally modelled on a British Christmas quiz another ALT made and can be modified easily enough for other western countries.

It is a three choice quiz with a lot of extra pictures. You should look through it a few times to decide how you're going to explain things and in how much detail.

I've used this same quiz for students ranging from 3rd grade elementary school through 3rd grade junior high school. It really just depends on how much you talk.

A note about the music questions. I've only used them with junior high school. They listen to the music clip and decide which of the two pictures best matches the song they hear.

I usually put the students into groups and one member from each group brings their answer. After every team brings an answer we do an answer check and teams get a point if they were correct.

Next Bonus Quiz

I do this if the first quiz went really quickly. I tell the kids that these are extra questions for bonus points. If they know the answer they should raise their hand. The source of these questions was a Christmas Jeopard game that may have been made by someone in my old office or maybe from the Englipedia.

After the quizes are done cheer the team with the most points then move onto the game.

Krampus Attack

Talk a little about Santa Claus and then tell the students that he has a brother, Krampus. Santa brings presents for good children but Krampus takes the bad children away. This year the power penguins are here to help protect the children of the world.

Example page has two sample questions. Tap on the number to show the question. Tap on the question to show the answer and then tap on the answer to make both vanish. After the first question tap on one of the symbols but not FIRE. This attack will be deflected by Krampus and that penguin will get blown away. In that case the team doesn't get a point. Then do sample question two. This time tap on FIRE and krampus will be defeated and Santa will arrive. You tap on Santa to go to the next screen. In this case the team gets a point.

I generally bring a school tablet or my own tablet to connect to the TV. That way both ALT and JTE can check answers and help groups and the students can manage the game themselves. If they accidentally close it then its still easy enough to reset on a current slide. Alternately one teacher is in charge of the game and another checks answers.

Continue until one or two groups finish all the questions or you get close to the end of class. You can tap on Krampus to go to the END slide.


I've also included Krampus Attack and the World Christmas Quiz.

This is not the full version. It is shortened so the file size will be smaller and I can email it to myself for use on my ipad.

This quiz is new and I'm using it for classes that already did the Canadian Christmas quiz the year before. Krampus Attack is the same but without the full introduction since they played the game the previous year.

I've added alternate worksheets for New Crown. These have no follow up sentences. I've found this year my classes didn't have so much time for Krampus after the quiz and other lesson routines.


1st Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack Presentation (Can and Which).pptx

1st Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack Worksheet (Can and Which).docx

2nd Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack (Infinitive).docx

2nd Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack (Infinitive).pptx

2nd Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack Presentation (comparative and superlative).pptx

2nd Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack Worksheet (comparative and superlative).docx

3rd Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack Presentation (indirect questions).pptx

3rd Year Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attack Worksheet (indirect questions).docx

World Christmas Quiz with Krampus Attack.pptx

New Crown 1 Lesson 7 Review KRAMPUS WORKSHEET.docx

New Crown 2 Lesson 7 Review KRAMPUS WORKSHEET.docx

New Crown 3 Lesson 6 KRAMPUS WORKSHEET.docx

New Crown 3 Lesson 7 Review KRAMPUS WORKSHEET.docx

Total 3

Estimated time: All three activities take a full lesson more or less

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

October 29, 2019

UonumaRobert December 12, 2019

Thanks Musakuu. I hope you're feeling better. And I just might take you up on that offer. I'll cross oceans for beer.

Musakuu December 12, 2019

I actually just figured it out and was coming here to delete my comment. I had the flu real bad a few days ago and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet. I have used a bunch of your ideas now, so I just wanna say thanks a lot. You make our jobs easy. You ever in Fukushima or come to Alberta, I owe you 100 beers. :D

UonumaRobert December 12, 2019

Hi Musakuu, if they miss they don't move onto a new slide nor get a point. They just return to their group and work on a new question. Only move to a new slide when Krampus is defeated by clicking on Santa. The idea is groups can work at their own pace and not wait turns.

Musakuu December 12, 2019

Sorry to bother you, I am very interested in this game, but I am not sure how the points work. If they miss, would you move onto the next slide and there are no points given at all?

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