I have a dream Questions NEW CROWN 3

Write and Race for New Crown 3 Lesson 6 USE Read 'I have a dream'

There are three parts to this.

I've added a short presentation. It introduces the 1960s and then focuses on Martin Luther King Junior. Specially on a paraphrased version of one of his quotes from the textbook. I've found the students can't understand it at all but its kind of important so I've added this simplified take on it as well as a few other similiar expressions the students can get into groups and think about. They should chose the best ending word and bring that to a teacher. After each group has come check the best answer.

There is a write and race practicing 'could' and 'can'. The teacher asks a question such as 'What can you see now?' and groups try to think of an answering using one of two patterns.


'We can see the Sky Tree now. They couldn't see the sky tree 20 years ago'


'We can see the Sky Tree now. They could see Tokyo Tower in 1957'

They don't need exact dates.

Once they bring a good answer to a teacher give them the next question. Finish when one or two groups completes 8. I only do this if the teacher really wants to focus on the grammar.

The other part is very leading questions about the USE Read text. It is specific to the current New Crown 3 textbook. Work in groups, pairs or on their own to answer. After they answer each question they should go to a teacher to check the answer. They should also explain their answers in Japanese. You can divide the roles so the ALT does the English check and the JTE does the Japanese check.


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Estimated time: too much for one lesson. You must pick what you want to use.

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October 17, 2019


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