A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

Questions lists focused on various grammar points

A bunch of questions you can use for various lessons. I usually use them in warm ups, introductions or more often as a wrap up when we have time at the end of a lesson. They can be used in activities such as Attack 25, criss cross, Typhoon Game, Totally Awesome Quiz Game, etc.

Added some points cards you can use. I write A to E on the board and post the point cards under the letters. When a team answers a question they pick a letter. If they get between 1 and 3 points we continue as usual. If they pick 5 or -3 I reshuffle the cards before continuing.

Added a powerpoint version of the point cards game if you want to use it along with these quiz questions.


A Bunch of Questions (Indirect Questions).docx

A Bunch of Questions (Infinitive).docx

A Bunch of Questions (Reduced relative clauses).docx

A Bunch of Questions (Superlative).doc


A Bunch of Questions (Relative Pronoun).docx

A Bunch of Hint Quizes (Plural Verbs).docx

A Bunch of Questions Quiz Game.pptx

A Bunch of Questions (Comparative).docx

A Bunch of Questions (Passive Voice).docx

A Bunch of PASSIVE Questions SIMPLIFIED.docx

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Estimated time: depends on how you use them

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

October 08, 2019

Musakuu October 11, 2019

Thanks a lot, we need to more questions put up here.

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