Baker Street Station

Students listen to a conversation between the ALT and HRT and practice the keywords from Eigo Note Lesson 5. The lesson introduces 3 famous London stations.

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Detailed Explanation:

  • After introducing and practicing the vocabulary for the lesson, stick the giant poster from the Eigo Note pack on the board. Stick the 3 station cut outs along the top (I had a short discussion with the class, where I talked about these places and the HRT translated) and the red direction cut-outs along the side to form a grid-like shape. (See attachment for details.)
  • Split the class into teams (rows or lunch groups).
  • The ALT and HRT have the following conversation:

  • HRT: "Excuse me, where is the... BEEP?" (You can use a buzzer to make the beep)

  • ALT: "Turn right from Baker Street Station."

  • Students have to use the grid to answer what word was in the BEEP. For the example above, the answer would be "Park." The first student to answer correctly gets a point for his team. This student can no longer answer, but he can help his fellow students.

  • I added 'swim' for fun and because it appeared in a previous chapter. For example:

  • HRT: "Excuse me, where is the... BEEP?"

  • ALT: "Swim from Westminster"

  • STUDENT: "Barber Shop."

  • After plenty of listening practice you can change the roles so the students start directing the ALT.

  • ALT: "Excuse me, where is the restaurant?"

  • STUDENT: "Go straight from Westminster Station."

Teaching Suggestions:

  • Get the HRT to help judge who puts their hand up first because you can get pretty busy.
  • My teacher wanted something for parent school visit which had a cultural element to it. I spent some time talking about the 3 London places I introduced and showing photos etc.

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Estimated time: 30 min

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October 03, 2019


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