Vocabulary Builder Point Game

1st year Junior High Activity aimed at the New Crown 1 textbook.

This is meant for practicing the vocabulary in New Crown 1 from page 8 through 11.

The worksheet is meant for writing practice although with such beginner classes always katakana or hiragana is okay if that's what the teacher wants.

The demo stage shows the Ken character. Click to see his dialogue then click again to see the two pictures that then vanish. Click to bring up a dialogue box with the missing answers. By clicking again show the first then second answer. Point out how they should be written on the lines. The color boxes are for points. Each round a team will select one representative to bring their answer and recieve points after a teacher checks the answer. In the first round you might need to check all the colors in English.

Then make groups and hand out the worksheet.

Move onto the next slide which says sports. If you are using New Crown 1 have the students turn to page 8 and go through the sports prounciation once before moving onto the first round. Click to show the pictures then click to move onto the points screen. As students come up with their answers make certain they speak the answer. Either saying 'swimming and baseball' or the full dialogue 'Hello, I'm Kato Ken. I like...'

Some classes at the the beginning of the year I find come up with the answer more than once. If you are concerned about that I suggest giving each group a group card. Check off each character on that card as they come up with the answer. Each group only gets one card so once that character is checked off they can't get points again.

After each team is finished over after a time limit is reached click again to do an answer check before moving onto the next question.

Mostly its good to instruct them to have every member write the answer before one comes up with theirs but in some classes with struggling students its better to go easy on that.

The last two characters are templates. They are meant to be replaced with the ALT and the JTE. The answers can be easily edited too.


1-0C Vocab Building.docx

1-0C Vocab Building.pptx

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Estimated time: Including all the vocabulary practice I'd say 30 minutes maybe longer.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

September 26, 2019


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