Spot the Number

This is a number version of the game "Spot it" (also known as "Dobble")

I made these cards to practice numbers for telling time, so that's why they go from 1-59 (well, 58 actually. But still.)
Every card has 8 numbers on it. Each card has only one number in common with any other card.

There are 2 ways to play:

1) Get the most cards.
- Make small groups.
- Each student starts with one card in their hand, and the rest are stacked in the middle, number-side up.
- The students race to figure out what number on the middle card matches the card in their hand. Once they figure it out, they yell out the number and can take the card in the middle. The game ends when all the cards in the middle are gone.

2) Get rid of your cards.
- Make small groups.
- Divide the cards evenly between each student and leave one card (or whatever's left) in the middle.
- The students race to spot the matching number and GET RID OF the top card in their hand. The game ends when someone runs out of cards first.


s 1 p56 number spot it.pdf

s 1 p56 number spot it.pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

September 20, 2019


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