Double D

Double D stands for 'Devastating Demonstratives'. Students draw pictures based upon a secret demonstrative pronoun sentence and post them around the class.

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Originally submitted by Pat on May 20, 2008.


  • DoubleD worksheet: the attachment includes a worksheet and 16 demonstrative pronouns sentences, which has 2 sentences to a page...meaning you need to cut the papers in half.


  • Hand out a sentence to each student or pairs of students. You may need to make more sentences based on the number of students in your class. Give them 5 minutes to draw the sentence they received. Inform them the sentences are secret and shouldn't be shared with their friends. Some example include: "This is a hospital. It is big," and "That is a hospital. It is not fun."
  • Once they have drawn their Picasso masterpiece, they fold over the top part of the paper so the sentence can't be seen and affix it to any wall in the classroom.
  • All the students receive a worksheet and they must go around the classroom looking at the pictures and write sentences using the target grammar point, demonstrative pronouns and 3rd person pronoun.


  • My JTE wanted to practice building names for this activity but feel free to change the target vocabulary to your liking.


  • The target vocabulary are most likely new words so you might hand out the worksheet first and practice the new words in the 'Toolbox' with the students.



Total 2

Estimated time: 35-50 min

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September 09, 2019


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