Canadian Restaurant Battle Game

A powerpoint battle game you can use to review most language targets

This game plays the same way as Robots Invade the Town and other battle games I've posted.

Tell students that in Canada now some Japanese food has become very popular. The two examples on the title page are sushi and ramen.

Then tell them they will play to see what the next big food trend will be.

Introduce the four teams.

Now move onto the demonstration slide where the ALT plays against the JTE. Click on greenland to get the keywords or question banner and then click on it to get the answer. Demonstrate showing the answer to a teacher. Maybe check and practice the question and answer to make certain the students understand the target. Then click on the answer or keywords for it to vanish and click a territory so it changes color to make the teachers team color. Then the ALT speaks another answer and clicks a nearby territory changing its color to his or her team color.

Move onto another example question and answer by clicking Greenland and repeat the process but make certain the teacher picks a territory adjacent to the ALT's territory. Then on the ALT's turn explain you'll try and steal the teacher's territory but rolling dice. If you get a 4 5 or 6 you can change it to your color. At the end of the game the team with the most territories is the champion.

Now make groups. Give each student a worksheet and each group a card with keywords as well as a colored team card. When a student comes up with an answer you cross out those keywords on the team sheet so they don't use it again and again. Try to make sure they take turns coming up with answers.

After a certain amount of time (I usually end it when one or two groups finish all the questions) end the game and count territories to see which team is the winner. You can click on the small leaf in their color to go to a victory screen.

There are four teams so when you break your class down into groups more than one group will be on the same team. For example in a class that breaks down into six groups then you'll have 2 red, yellow and blue teams. In a class that breaks down into 8 groups you'll have 2 red, green, blue and yellow groups. In a class that breaks down into 9 groups you'll have 3 red, yellow and blue teams.

If the class breaks down into 5 or 7 groups you'll have to move a few students around since those numbers don't work for this activity.


3年生 Canadian Restaurant Battle Review (It for too - makes me happy).docx

3年生 Canadian Restaurant Battle Review (It for too - makes me happy).pptx

3年生 Canadian Restaurant Battle with Where is it possible Quiz.pptx

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Estimated time: 30 minutes including demonstration

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

September 06, 2019


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