Halloween Quizes

These are the 3 choice Halloween quizes I use in junior high and elementary
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There are two quizes. They are three choice quizes. I generally do them in groups giving each group a chance to guess the answer.

The Halloween Quiz One has two versions. The original has Thriller as the answer to the most popular Halloween song. I've made a backup version with the answer 'ghostbusters' which is not exactly true but if you feel MJ should be as they say 'cancelled' you can use it.

The number one costume is based on last years information and may not be completely true this year.

The Halloween Quiz Two 'the story of stingy jack' is the one I use for classes that have done the first one the year before. It's new so I'm not sure how well it will go down. I plan on making a third for next year about festivals similiar to Halloween around the world.

In junior high I generally pair the quiz with Monster Dash. Its an Almost Mario style activity. I'll be posting a few verions of that too. Mostly I just do it with whatever language point they are studying.

Added a new format for the original quiz. More words and cut a question. I'll cut more for a few of my lower level or bigger classes to manage time better.

Added a 3rd Halloween Quiz. This one focuses on scary stories. It has a game called Cat vs Zombie at the end. It's writing game but I haven't made a worksheet yet or filled in the example questions. I'll add those later. It is played basically the same as the almost pokemon game you can find elsewhere on this site is played.

Added quizzes and review games for Let's Try One and Let's Try Two. They have the same quiz since it's the first year I'll be doing it. There are two choice quizzes with six questions. I've also added a point get review game. For the quiz either make groups and they decide their answers together and either hold up an A card or a B card. Alternately one member can come to a teacher and say A or B. Once all groups have answered you do an answer check.

After the quiz game I've included a point get game. This reviews materials they've learned over the past few months. I've included up to alphabet although I'm not sure my classes will get that far and I may remove those questions. This is a group activity. The groups should select their order and one student from each group should go to a teacher with the answer. If the answer is good then they go to the ALT and ask for a colored pumpkin. For example 'green pumpkin please'. Click on that pumpkin to see the points and record that on the board for the team. Hopefully every team gets a chance to answer but use a team limit if some are too slow. There are two types of questions. Some show the question and then you click to see the picture hint such as the 'How are you?' questions. The other type shows the picture hint and the question together such as the 'What...do you like?' questions.

On the slide before each question there are pictures that show what type of question it will be. This way the teachers can let the students know what's expected.

I've included 16 questions and between the quiz and the game it will most likely take the whole lesson so I'll most likely cut a lot of the questions and I suggest doing the same if you want to include other activities. I'll probably just do 8 questions most of the time so we can also do trick or treating. Have the students line up at the two doors in the class, knock on the door, say 'Trick or treat' and get a candy or sticker from the teachers. Then maybe do the remaining questions the next week if the students and teacher are into it.

Note for social distancing.
If your classes aren't allowed to make groups these quizzes can be done with rows as groups. Each student should have A,B and C cards they can hold up as their answer. After the answer check the teachers can give each row points based on how many correct answers they got. Less interesting than discussing with teammates but might be necessary. I saw this idea on another recent activity. I haven't tried it yet.


HALLOWEEN QUIZ 1 (Song Ghostbusters).pptx

HALLOWEEN QUIZ 1 (Song Thriller).pptx

HALLOWEEN QUIZ 2 (Stingy Jack).pptx

HALLOWEEN QUIZ (New Format).pptx

Halloween Quiz 3 (Scary Stories).pptx

Halloween Quiz and Review Game Let's Try One.pptx

Halloween Quiz and Review Game Let's Try Two.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: I'd say about half the lesson time for most of these quizzes. Can be faster if don't do groups and just do hands up.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

September 04, 2019

Musakuu October 29, 2019

This game looks like fun, but my class is not even close to being on reduced relative clause yet :( I downloaded it and am shamelessly modifying it for my purposes. Thanks a lot :D

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