Occupations Relative Pronouns Karuta and Stuff

Practice the 'who' relative pronoun

The attachment includes a few activities.

The last page is the karuta cards. They should be cut out one set per group.

I usually start with karuta in groups played twice. The first time I just call out the occupation names.

The second time I call out a hint 'they are people who stop bad people' and then the answer. In both cases students listen and slap the card they think is correct.

The first page should be printed out one per group. This is for pattern practice. It has some key vocabulary students can use the make sentences. They pick an occupation and make a sentence about it. For example 'They are people who stop fires'. One member goes to a teacher and speaks their sentence. The teacher tries to guess the answer and if correct checks that picture. The student goes back and they continue trying to make another quiz for the teacher. Set a time limit and see how many quizes the group can make for the teacher. Maybe reward stickers if they complete a certain number of quizes. Or use a point get game to increase the motivation.

Finally a writing page. In groups, pairs or alone they should write about occupations they respect.


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September 03, 2019


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