Cat Fun Time

A powerpoint point getting game that can be used with various lessons

This is for group activities and I usually use this type of activity on a tablet so either both teachers can easily manage the points as well as answer checking or both teachers can do answer checking and the students can manage the game themselves.

On the example screen show the sample question or picture by tapping the A button and then tap the question to show the answer. Tap the answer to remove both. Tell the students once they get their answer checked they an pick a yarn ball to get points for their time. Don't pick the orange yarn yet. Show them an example and tell them the points will be written on the board. Then click the B button and do another sample question. This time pick the orange yarn. This causes a dog to appear and chase away the cat. If this happens the team loses 3 points, or 5 points, or all points, or plays rock scissors paper with a teacher to avoid losing points or all teams lose points....your call.

This also causes all the remaining yarns to vanish so you click the arrow to go to a new screen.

I've included the blank template for any set of questions and I've included the version I use for New Crown 1 Lesson 4 part 2.


1st Year Cat Fun Time (Odd one Out Pronouns Worksheet.docx

1st Year Cat Fun Time (Odd one Out Pronouns).pptx

Cat Fun Time Point Game.pptx

2nd year Cat Fun Time 'I will give him a toy'.docx

2nd year Cat Fun Time 'I will give him a toy'.pptx

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Estimated time: 20 to 25 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 30, 2019


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