Next Number?

After saying their own number, students decide on, and call out the next number.

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Originally submitted by Elem ALT team on Jun 19, 2007.


  • Each student is assigned a number. Choose a number to start.
  • The student(s) who was assigned that number must stand up and say their number, then chooses another number. The number must be within the number range assigned.
  • The student whose number was chosen, must repeat the process.
  • Students remain standing until everyone’s number has been called.


  • Once all the students are standing, have the students sit down by counting off from number one.


  • Assign the weaker students the easier numbers.
  • Stress the importance of remembering their numbers. This sounds rudimentary but it happens a lot.
  • Only one number should be assigned to one student. If there are more students than numbers, the same numbers can be given to multiple students. However, when those students stand up, have them play Janken to decide who calls the next number.

概要: 自分の数字を言ったら、ほかの数字を呼び出します。



  • 一人ずつの生徒は数字をもらう。ALTがはじめる数字を選ぶ。
  • 選ばれた数字の生徒は立て自分の数字をいってから他の生徒の数字を選ぶ。
  • 選ばれた生徒同じことを繰り返す。生徒は座らない。
  • 選ばれた生徒は全員の数字が呼び終わるまでたち続ける。


  • 全員が立ったら、座るのに数字を順番に数えます。


  • ゲームが苦手な生徒たちには簡単な数字をあたえます。
  • 数字を記憶することに集中したほうがいいです。
  • 生徒一人ずつに数字をひとつずつあたえます。数字より生徒たちの数が多い場合は、複数の生徒に同じ数字を与えてもかまいません。けれども、その生徒たちが同時に立ったときは次の数字を呼びかける人を決めるために、じゃんけんをさせます。

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Estimated time: 5-10 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

August 29, 2019


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