Chubacabra Game

A point get powerpoint game to practice 'Its too~to~' infinitive sentences. Made for New Crown 3 Dolphin's Tale Reading.

I've got a class doing 'Dolphin Tale' in the last week of December so in a new version I've changed to Chubacabras into Evil Robot Santas. Otherwise no difference.

I use this for the 'Dolphin Tale' story in New Crown 3, lesson four.

Open with the example. Click anywhere but not on the boy or the boxes to bring up the picture and then the hint box. Then click again to see the answer.
Tell the students they work in groups to fill in the key words and one member will come up to say then sentence then pick a box. Points range from 1 to 4 I think or they get the chubacabra. If they get that either the team loses its points or they must play rock, scissors papers with the ALT and risk losing all their points.

The game is broken into three rounds. Practice the target vocabulary before each round. After showing the picture and then the hint box students start coming up to answer. Once each group is done you show the answer then move to the next slide.

If you are runnning low on time you can jump to the last question by clicking on the boy. The last question has more chubacabras.

Group with the most points is the winner.

You can increase the challenge level by not showing the sentence pattern and removing it from the worksheet but that will greatly increase the time students take and it will mean fast groups will have to do a lot of waiting. I don't recommend it for this type of activity.

I'ved added a worksheet to be used without the game. The students or groups can work at their own pace completing the sentences.


3-04E Its too fun to stop writing.docx

New Crown 3 Dolphin Tale Evil Santa is too fun to stop.pptx

New Crown 3 Dolphin Tale Evil Santa is too fun to stop.docx

New Crown 3 Dolphin Tale Chubacabra Game is too fun to stop.docx

New Crown 3 Dolphin Tale Chubacabra Game is too fun to stop.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 27, 2019

ohnoko December 13, 2019

This game is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it! This game was probably the most fun I've had teaching so far. The kids were really into it, and my JTE was cracking up the whole time.

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