New Crown 3 Use Read Brazil GAME

A presentation and writing game for the 3 pages about Brazil in New Crown book 3

The presentation is a series of pictures of Brazil you can talk about. Go into as much detail as you like. I generally keep it pretty simple and pretty short.

The soccer game is the same as the ice hockey game I posted awhile. Its actually exactly the same since I pretty much just reskinned it for this.

One the demonstration page there are three types of questions. If you are using the same worksheet I suggest going over all three types of question. One the demonstration screen the 'left button' gets the goal. I'd wait to hit that one until all three questions are checked.

Once a single member of a group comes up with an answer they pick right, left or center and try and get a goal. If they get a goal their team gets one point. Then they go back and work on another question. Once goal has been hit click on the goal banner to move to a new screen and continue.

At any time if you click on the goalkeeper it brings you to the game over screen. You can click on the picture to go back to the start of the game. On that screen if you click on the picture it takes you to the beginning of the presentation.

If you like on the 'next' message slide that comes up between the presentation and the game it all takes you back to the beginning of the presentation.

There are four worksheets. One for the full story and one for each page.


3年生USE Read Brazil (page 60) Worksheet.docx

3年生USE Read Brazil (page 61) Worksheet.docx

3年生USE Read Brazil (page 62) Worksheet.docx

3年生USE Read Brazil Full Worksheet.docx

3年生USE Read Brazil Soccer Game.pptx

3年生 USE read Brazil New Crown 3 Simplified.docx

3年生 USE Read New Crown 3 Brazil Simplified.pptx

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Estimated time: 20 to 30 minutes for the single page worksheets a full lesson for the full worksheet

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 23, 2019


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