Tsum Tsum Surprise

A writing activity for groups

The students work together in groups to complete sentences.

On the demonstration screen click on the A button to see the first sample question and then on that to see the sample answer. Then click on the answer to make the question and answer vanish.

Then click on one of the first three tsum tsum faces to show the points. Then show the second question and answer and click on pooh's face. This will bring up the 5 point screen. Each slide has one 5 point reward. Once its been recieved that slide is finished and you click on that picture to go to the next slide. On the next slide click on Tinkerbell to show the -5 point screen. Each slide also has one of those. If it is revealed that slide is finished and you click the witch picture to go to the next screen.

Tell the students they bring their answers to either ALT or JTE to get the answer checked. Optionally include a follow up question. Then they either tell the teacher which Tsum Tsum or they click on the picture themselves. Once they've gotten their points they record them on the board and return to their group. The next student in the group should bring the next answer. You can give each team a cut out team paper to keep track of which questions they've answered so they don't bring up the same answers again and again.

Continue until a certain amount of time until a set time has passed and then check the point totals to see which team won.

I generally do this type of activity with a tablet so either teacher can easily manage the game and the answer checking or just let the students click the screen themselves. They generally enjoy that. Often schools have tablets we can use or you can bring your own if you have one.

For the 3rd Year relative pronoun game I've included the same introduction quiz I've used for Almost Mario Kart.

Also the questions include a key word in brackets. They must use it in their follow up sentence. This is to reduce that number of times they come up with 'I like...'


3rd Year Tsum Tsum Surprise (relative pronouns).docx

3rd Year Tsum Tsum Surprise (Relative Pronouns).pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: 25 to 30 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 07, 2019


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