Uluru Game

2nd Year New Crown Use Read Review Game

This game is based on the 2nd Year New Crown Use Read Lesson 5. This is generally a group activity although it can be adapted to pairs if the pairs are part of bigger groups. For example every two rows is a group.

Although based on New Crown it can be adapted to any lesson even if they've never read about Uluru. The 3rd Year New Crown is an example of adapting it to other lessons.

It starts with an introduction of Uluru. Then goes onto a demonstration screen.

Click to make the litterbug appear. Then click to have Spirit Kangaro arrive and tell him to stop. The boy laughs and says no. Explain spirit kangaroo must use his powers to fight the boy. Click three times to reveal the three powers and the two demonstration question buttons.

There are two demonstration questions. Click on the number button to show the question, on the question to show the answer and on the answer to make both vanish. Then select one of the powers. Select fire or rock since they are misses. This means the team doesn't get points. Then do the next example and select rain. This is a hit and the team gets a point. Click on the boomerang to move to the next screen and continue the game.

At the end you can click on the kangaroo to go to a game over screen.

I generally use this on a tablet connected to the TV so both ALT and JTE can check answers, support groups and control the game. I often let the students click the buttons since it is easy to reset the game if there is a problem.

The numbers sheet is for each group so that they don't bring the same answers over and over again.


2nd Year New Crown Lesson 5 Uluru Review Game.docx

2nd Year New Crown Lesson 5 Uluru Review Game.pptx

3rd Year New Crown Lesson 5 Uluru Review Game.docx

3rd Year New Crown Lesson 5 Uluru Review Game.pptx

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Estimated time: Some groups will finish within 25 minutes.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

July 30, 2019


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