Circus Game NEW CROWN 3 Use Read 5

A group game to answer questions based on the lesson 5 lets read 'brazil'

Make groups and give each group the first set of questions.

They answer a question then bring the answer to a teacher.

If okay then pick a square and either get points or see a clown.

If they see the clown then do rock, scissors, paper with a teacher. If they win they get 4 points, if they lose their team loses all points.

Then continue.

If they complete all the questions in a round I usually let them get stickers before moving onto the next round regardless of how many points they have.

At the end the team with the most points is the winner.

Whenever all the boxes are finished on a slide I click on the green message and then click next slide and continue the activity with a new slide.


3rd Year New Crown Circus Game 'Use Read Lesson 5'.docx

3rd Year New Crown Circus Game 'Use Read Lesson 5'.pptx

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July 30, 2019


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