Hello Kitty Fun Time Game

A powerpoint activity that can be adapted to assorted lesson points. Good for review.

The Hello Kitty Game

  1. Tell the class we'll be playing the hello kitty game. Then click to move to the demonstration slide.

  2. On the demonstration slide say 'Kitty, Charming and Daniel are shopping downtown today' 'It's a beautiful day' and then click 'oh no! Its godzilla'.

  3. Click on the A button to show an example question and on the example question to reveal an example answer. Then click on the answer to make both disappear.

  4. When a student brings that answer to a teacher if its okay they click on a character box. For the example 1st example click on KItty or Daniel and they'll get a miss result. That means their team doesn't get points that round. They then go back and work on another question. Click on the B button to show another example question. This time click on Charming Kitty. This is a hit, their team gets a point and you click the 'next screen' banner to go to the next slide to continue the game.

  5. Make groups. For this activity ideally I like to make pairs. Then either half the class battles the other half or there are three main groups (Two rows each) and the individual pairs add to their group score. Alternately just make 'kyoshokuhan' groups they they work in groups of four.

  6. This type of game I usually hook up a tablet, either school's or mine to the TV in the class. That way it is easy for both teachers to both check answers and control the game. Alternately both teachers check answers and students can click the buttons themselves. If it gets accidently turned off it is easy to reset the game.

  7. Once out of time you can click on Godzilla to go to the game over screen.


This game includes an introduction quiz. It is a fill in the blanks quiz. Its focus is on 'which' and 'who'. I make lunch groups to do this quiz and it takes about half the lesson. If it is running long I'll cut it before its over. And go back to home and then click on kitty to go direct to the Hello Kitty game. As for the 'which' sentences. I'll be honest I've shoehorned them in. A lot of them I'd use the 'that' clause in reality. You might want to shift a few to the 'that' clause if you want it less focused on the grammar requested and more natural.


3rd Hello Kitty and Fill in the Blanks (relative Pronouns).docx

3rd Hello Kitty and Fill in the Blanks (relative Pronouns).pptx

3年生 Hello Kitty Relative Clause Review.docx

3年生 Hello Kitty Relative Clause Review.pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: Including demonstration and making groups I'd say 25 to 30 minutes tops. With an intro quiz or activity 40 minutes or longer.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

July 30, 2019


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