Preppy Shapes

A fun point-based competition between groups aimed at reviewing the students' knowledge of shapes and prepositions.

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Originally submitted by Natasha Anders on Nov 5, 2008.


  • Items of various shapes


  • After dividing the class into groups, have each group play Janken to decide which student will answer questions in what order.
  • Have students completely clear their desks.
  • Each group receives three sheets of B4 sized paper, a pair of scissors and a coloured marker.
  • Ask the students to complete various tasks and score them according to how fast they can complete the task.

Suggested Tasks: (the tasks also include non-prepositional directions to mix things up)

  • Draw a circle in a square on a piece of paper.
  • Draw a square inside an oval.
  • Find two square things in this room and bring them to me. (NOTE: They cannot draw or cut squares from the paper. These have to be existing items in the room.)
  • Bring or show me three rectangles.
  • Use the scissors to cut an oval from the paper.
  • Bring or show me 1 triangle.
  • What shape is this? (NOTE: Hold up one of the shapes you brought with you and have the students write the word on a piece of paper and hold it up.)
  • Use the scissors to cut a triangle from the paper.
  • Write down the names for as many square things as you can think of on a piece of paper. (NOTE: Give them a time limit.)
  • Bring or show me three round things.
  • What shape is a pen?
  • What shape is this?
  • Draw a circle around a triangle.


  • Use a point system that rewards each group for completing a task. One system that I used was to give 5 points to the first to finish, 4 to the second, 3 to the third and 2 to any other group that finishes. It keeps all groups in the game.


  • This game can get very noisy and the JTE can help the ALT figure out who completed the tasks in what order. Students are very competitive - if you make a mistake they WILL straighten you out.

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Estimated time: 35-50 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

July 19, 2019


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