Would you like to... New Horizon 3, pg 44

An activity that goes with "Would you like to..." in New Horizon, page 44.

Students practice the complete dialogue in the first box, then they individually write an original dialogue in the next box. The students then put their desks together to form rows of facing desks, usually three rows of about 10 to 12 students each. The teacher then chooses which side of the row will be the ones to stand up and move along one space when the time comes. Getting two people facing each other to Janken is usually enough to make the choice. One partner then looks at the back page with the "diary", while the other reads their original dialogue. The person filling in the diary entry reads the dialogue with their partner, but also writes the relevant information into their diary entry that is the same day as their partner. They then swap roles.
The teacher may have to delegate which days the students use, so that the diary entries don't double up. This is what the worksheet with all the printed days is for (each student receives a different day that won't cause double ups). After they finish with one partner and one diary entry, one side of the row stands up and moves one seat, allowing for up to seven partners (but probably 4 or 5 is enough).


Would you like to come with me.docx

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Estimated time: 20 minutes

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July 13, 2018


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