Synergy Collecting

It's important for us to do things practice activities

There are two parts to the worksheet with an optional powerpoint to go with it.

Let the students know what grammar focus will be practiced today and tell them they will do it with an interview activity.

Tell them the goal of the activity is to collect special energy from each other. It is called 'synergy' I don't think its really important to explain synergy.

Round One they should pick three of the four adjectives to complete the sentences. Then make pairs and one student reads their first sentence. If their partner picked the same adjective they'll reply 'Cool! It's ~ for me to ~ too'. Then switch and read the second sentence. If they picked different adjectives they reply 'Really? Its ~ for me to ~'. When they picked the same they both mark a 'O' in the box and if they didn't make a 'X' in the box.

You can use the powerpoint to demonstrate this. If you click on the boxes in the first row 'X' or 'O' will appear. You can do the demonstration with a teacher. This is only on the Round One slide.

After pairing up with three students they should write their total synergy collected. You can then go to the optional screen to reveal what benefit they gain depending on synergy collected.

There are three similar rounds.

After that is a writing practice. They answer the questions with a 'plus one' detail sentence. This can be in groups, pairs or solo. I prefer solo and give stickers if they complete a few questions depending on the time.


Synergy Collecting.docx

Synergy Collecting.pptx

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Estimated time: 30 to 40 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

July 17, 2019


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