Number Slaps

Students practice saying numbers 1 to 13 in a card game.

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Originally submitted by Sara Williams on Oct 13, 2009.


  • After dividing the students into groups of about four, give each group a set of playing cards and have them divide the cards equally (without looking at them).
  • On the board, write A=1, J=11, Q=12, K=13.
  • Quickly review numbers 1-13 with students.
  • Students take turns flipping over their top card, and saying the number displayed.
  • Keep doing this, going around the circle in turn.
  • If the same card comes up again, the first student to slap the card pile and yell "numbers" wins those cards.
  • The winner is the student who gains all the cards, or has the most cards when game time is over.


  • To make it harder, students can also snap on number sequences. For example, if a six is laid down, and then a seven or a five is put down, they can snap.
  • You can use this activity for months of the year by nominating a number for each month (A= January, 5=May)
  • Make your own set of playing cards and use them for vocabulary practice.


  • Do a demonstration with the JTE/ALT so the students understand.


  • Some groups will forget or not not bother to say the English, and instead just wait for the slap.

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Estimated time: 30 min

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July 15, 2019


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