Plural nouns. e.g. I have four pens.

An activity that practices "How many notebooks do you have?" "I have three notebooks."

The worksheets should be printed on blue and pink paper in equal numbers for the class. The teacher then writes four numbers from one to four into the spaces below the pictures. The four numbers are in different combinations, but there will be two of each different combination. For example, a blue paper will have 4 2 3 1, and a pink paper will also have 4 2 3 1. The students then need to find their partner by asking the questions "How many notebooks do you have?" and "How many pencil cases do you have?" etc, until they find their partner with matching numbers. Remember that the maximum number of times they have to ask different people is half the number of people in the class, because blues only have to ask pinks and visa versa. So in a class of 26, they only need to ask a maximum of 13 people.


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