Students design their own soccer shirt using different colors. Then, they ask their friends what colors.

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Originally submitted by Nicholas Hallsworth on August 22, 2011.


  • Show the students some examples of sports jerseys. Have them talk about the colors.
  • Handout the worksheet and have the students design their own jersey using a few colors.
  • When the students are finished coloring, have them ask 5 friends about their jerseys using the phrase, "What color is this?" and pointing at their friends jersey.
  • The students record the answers by circling the same colors on the bottom of their worksheet.
  • Finish by checking the students answers. "What color is Kenta's jersey?" The students who talked to Kenta should answer with color names for example, "Black. White. Red."


  • Have the students introduce each others' jerseys in pairs.
  • For younger students, have them introduce their own jersey just using colors.


  • I like to warm up with a color touching game where the students touch the color they hear.



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Estimated time: 20 min

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July 09, 2019


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