At The Restaurant

Students play the role of waiter or customer in a restaurant.

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Originally submitted by Andy Webster on Jul 3, 2009.


  • AtTheRestaurant attachment
  • Bow tie(s)


  • Teachers will hand out the worksheet and menu.
  • JTE and ALT will demonstrate the dialogue and show students how to complete the worksheet.
  • Students will repeat the dialogue in unison.
  • Teachers will allocate two "waiters" in each team and give the group members a letter from a-d.
  • Teachers ask Student A to wear the bow tie
  • Teachers inform the students who the waiter an.d customer will be.
  • Using the worksheet the waiter will take note of the order.
  • When the "waiter" has finished taking the order the group will raise their hands and a new "waiter" will take his place.
  • The previous "waiter" will hand over his bow tie to the new "waiter".
  • Students take turns at being waiters and customers.


  • Have the "customers" order without consulting the menu.



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Estimated time: 10-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

July 03, 2019


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