What Do You Like - Guess Who

Students practice asking and answering "What ___ do you like?" while testing how well they know their classmates in this "guess who" acitivity.

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Originally submitted by Rachel Rasfeld on Dec 18, 2013.


  • First, have the students fill out the sheet by drawing their favorite thing from each category (feel free to change them to suit your needs). Make sure they write their names. Their answers should be SECRET while they are completing their sheet!
  • Collect the papers. Mix them up and choose one at random.
  • Explain that you now have a new secret identity that the students have to guess.
  • The students should ask you "What _____ do you like?" questions. Have your HRT ask the first one. Answer with "I like _________."
  • Continue letting the students ask questions until someone wants to guess. You may need to set a minimum number of questions before anyone can guess an identity.
  • Once they get the hang of it, let students volunteer to take on a secret identity.


  • If you want to mix it up, ask staff to fill them out (provided they have the time, of course) and the students will enjoy guessing which teachers/staff answered what.


  • It's best done after the kids have already practiced the phrases a bit. It's also best for smaller classes where students know one another well.
  • Also, it helps the students a lot if you have the categories on the board with some pictures so they can remember what to ask about!



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Estimated time: 30-40 min

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July 01, 2019


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