Small Talk Board Game

A basic boardgame to practice making questions

Depending on how many dice you have make groups of four or groups of two.

Determine order and start rolling.

When someone lands on a square they must make a question using the keyword on the square. The other members of the group can then answer the question. Try to encourage reactions to the answers.

For example

'What time do you get up?'

'I get up at 5:00'

'Wow! So early'

Then the next person rolls. Once somebody has reached goal they are the winner but you can keep going until more players reach goal. Even after reaching goal you must still answer the questions.

There are a few special squares such as 'Go back to start' and 'count to 20'.

I have groups play for about 8 minutes and then see how many reached the goal.

It is prepared for 2nd year grammar but can be easily modified for other grades.


Small Talk Board Game.docx

Small Talk Board Game Christmas.docx

Small Talk Board Game Halloween.docx

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Estimated time: 10 minutes, 15 minutes the first time it is used with a demonstration

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

June 28, 2019


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