The Guests

Students listen to a scary story and reach for an eraser when they hear the target word.

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Originally submitted by Jennifer Murray on Dec 16, 2010.


  • "The Guests" story
  • One eraser per pair of students.


  • Have the students make pairs. Instruct them to turn their desks, so they are facing each other. The students should put one eraser between them.
  • Write a key word on the board, such as "usually."
  • Instruct the students to put their hands on their heads, for added effect.
  • Read the story aloud. When you say the key word, each student must grab the eraser before his or her partner.
  • Write the next key word on the board and continue the story.


  • You can adjust the level by changing the key words. For Grade 3, I used: visit, overnight, wanted, envelope, restaurant, ago, understand. For Grade 2, I used: usually, stay, saw, enjoy, got, went, said, house, table.
  • Being dramatic will help draw in students who get bored easily.
  • Lastly, I tried this activity with a small, special class, and they enjoyed it, but perhaps another activity would be better. This activity really worked well with large classes because the energy picked up quickly.


  • Ask your JTE beforehand if there are any words they don't know or will have trouble with. If you use a 'target' word that is too difficult, the students get really confused as to whether they actually heard the word or not.
  • Also, watch out for flying erasers.



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Estimated time: 10 min

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June 21, 2019


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