Guess Who

Use prints of the fun board game "Guess Who" to practice the expressions, "Do you have ~?" and "Are you ~?"

After practicing the expressions "Do you have ~? Yes, I do. No, I don't." and "Are you ~? Yes, I am. No, I'm not.", give each student a game board handout (the one with all the faces on it) and a script handout. Practice the new words on the sheet while showing them the pictures from the "new words" document. Leave the new words on the blackboard for reference (remember to bring magnets!)

  1. Students decide who they'll be/have them randomly pick a slip of paper to determine who they'll be.
  2. Students make pairs and play janken.
  3. The winner starts by asking a question, and the loser answers the question with either "Yes, I do.", "No, I don't.", "Yes, I am.", or "No, I'm not."
  4. Students take turns asking each other questions, and the person who figures out who the other person is first is the winner. If you'd like, have them do 3 rounds to better determine a winner. You could even have them switch partners if you'd like.

Note: If you don't want to make 30+ colored copies of the sheet with the faces on it, I recommend blowing up one colored paper to put up on the blackboard for them to use as a reference for hair color.


s p32 guess who script.pdf

s p32 guess who script.pptx

s 1 p32 guess who new words.docx

s 1 p32 guess who new words.pdf

1 guess who faces.pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

June 11, 2019


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