Drawing Dash

You show 'drawers' a secret flashcard. They draw it, and their team guesses. How many can they guess in one minute?

Originally submitted by Ben Roche


Flashcards of recent vocabulary (not included): Preferably picture cards

After dividing the class into three teams, choose 3 students from the first team (or take enthuastic volunteers) to come to the board to be the 'drawers'.
Set a one minute timer.
Start the timer and show the drawers a flashcard, which should be hidden from the class. They each try to draw the picture on the card as their team screams out guesses as to what is on the flashcard.
When the team guesses the word, say "Ok!" and quickly show the drawers the next card.
After one minute, stop. Have the drawers erase the board and sit down.
Use the cards Team 1 guessed correctly and quickly do choral drilling with the class.
Do the same for Teams 2 and 3.
Finally, declare a winning team and drill all the cards again depending on the atmosphere.


For smaller classes, you could just treat the class as one team, and play a few times, changing the drawers each round, and challenging the class to guess more cards than they did in the previous round.


Be sure to model this activity well before starting. For example, look a flashcard and then draw it. Ask the class to guess. Then get a few students up to the board, show them a card to draw, and the class guesses. Then write "1:00" on the board and show the timer. Start the timer and play a practice round with the entire class.

Total 1

Estimated time: 5-10

Submitted by: ALTopedia

April 29, 2018


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