Calendar Tic-Tac-Toe

This game gets students to practice "It will be (sunny) on (July eighth).
This activity was inspired by:

This is a version of Patrick Bickford's "Hugs and Kisses" game modified for the "will be" grammar point.

Students make pairs and decide who will be X and who will be O. Then they play a big game of tic-tac-toe on the calendar on the attached worksheet. In order to write O or X, they have to speak. For example, if they want the square for July 8th, they have to say, "It will be sunny on July eighth."

They can keep playing until they mark up every square; meaning, they can get several points. I find that 4-in-a-row works well. Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal are OK. But of course feel free to change up the rules to however you'd like to play.

LP (this occupied 45 minutes for me):
- Warm up activity(5-10 minutes)
- Ask about the weather today, and have them predict what the weather will be like tomorrow.
- Teach them the weather vocabulary that'll be used during the game (it's at the bottom of the sheet), then review how to say the dates
("partly cloudy" and "dry" on the worksheet don't print clearly in black and white, so bring the big copies of them with you for this part of the lesson)
- Play
- With whatever time is left, decide how many sentences they should write on the back of the sheet. If still time remains, have some students volunteer to write what they wrote on the board.


power-up 2 weather tic tac toe.docx

power-up 2 weather tic tac toe pdf.pdf

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Estimated time: 30-50 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

June 10, 2019


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