What's In The Bag

Students ask yes/no questions about something hidden in a bag until they guess it.

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Originally submitted by Curtis Kelly on Dec 12, 2010.

Put some items in a bag: food, pencil, chocolate, CD, etc.

At the start of class, say: "I have something in my bag. You can ask yes/no questions to find out what it is. The first person who finds out what it is, gets it!"

You might model some key question forms:

  • "Is it (adjective)?"
  • "Is it bigger than this? (show size with fingers)"
  • "Is it used for/at/in X?"
  • "Is it made of/in X?"
  • Let students or student-pairs take turns asking questions until someone gets the answer. Then give that person the item. Also, encourage them to think of questions before their turn comes because they only have a 3-second limit.


This activity can be modified to fit various question forms.

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Estimated time: 5-10 min

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June 05, 2019


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