Under the Sea

A poster with lots of fish to practice 'how many do you see?'

Generally make groups and have the groups select their order.

I pick 12 questions before the activity and give those questions and the answer to the JTE.

There are a few fish the students won't know. I either go over them in advance, not use those questions or introduce them as we play the game.

Give the first question to everyone. The first student brings the answer to a teacher and that teacher gives them the next question if they are correct. They return to their group, repeat the question and the next student will bring that answer.

Continue until a group finishes all 12 questions. They are the winner.


Under the Sea POSTER.docx

Total 2

Estimated time: 10 to 15 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

May 29, 2019


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