Memory Book

A powerpoint activity for practicing 'how many' and plural forms.

There are three stages to this activity.

Part One practices the vocabulary in single form. Click on the start button once to make the images appear and then after a few seconds click again to make them vanish. Then have students raise their hands and say what there was. I usually have them say 'I see a ....' This can be in groups or individually. If you use the answer sheet you can click on the correct number to reveal their answer.

Part Two has 8 questions.
I generally have them make groups, then show the image and have one member of each group race to a teacher with their answer.

Part Three has two rounds and a demonstrate round.
I do the demonstration first. Click the start button once and let them see the image for a few seconds. Then click on the question button to reveal the question. Do one or two questions to get the idea.
When I do the real rounds I usually let them see the images twice. Once quickly and then a second time for a bit longer.


Memory Book Answers.docx

Memory Book.pptx

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Estimated time: often takes most of the lesson time.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

May 29, 2019


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