Hot Potato

Students pass an object around while listening to music. When the music stops, the student holding the object says a target vocabulary.

Start the music and have the students start passing the ‘potato item'. You might need to explain that they're to pass the timer not sit and play with it or stare at it in wonder.
When the music stops, have the student holding the ‘potato item(s)’ stand up and say one of the target vocabulary words. If you have more than one item in the game, don't allow students to choose the same word.


For more advanced classes, make the students form sentences, "I like ~," "This is a ~," "This is my ~."
Roger's Speak-n-Pass Variation:
After teaching the vocabulary, pass each item around the room. When the students receive the item, they must make a sentence. For example, "This is a pencil," and then pass the item to the next student.
Do this for all items and then start the review game, which is also extremely simple. Simply ask the students: "What is this?" or "What was #2?"
The first team to answer receives a point. Play until you've gone through all the items, or until the class starts getting bored.
Materials needed: Flashcards or objects.
Aimee's Here You Are Timed Race variation:
After having the students sit in a circle, give one student a ball. The student then passes the ball to the person next to them via this simple conversation:
S1: "Here you are."
S2: "Thank you. Here you are."
S3: "Thank you. Here you are."
Time how long it takes for the ball to get around the room.
Get the students to decide on a faster time and try again.
Continue 2-3 times or until you think that the students have reached their fastest time.
This game is a confindence booster game. Do not change the order of the students, or you may end up with a slower time and frustrated students.
Materials needed: Ball and stopwatch.


Music (use upbeat music).
Potato item: Paper airplanes, big squeezable die, fake cellphones, crumpled balls of paper. Start the game with one item, then when the students get the hang of it, try adding more items.

Total 1

Estimated time: 5-15 min

Submitted by: ALTopedia

June 26, 2018


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