Monster Market

Students shop for monsters in this take of the classic shopping dialogue.

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Originally submitted by James Hede on Feb 28, 2014.


  • Practice the shopping dialog. (and colors if necessary)
  • Go over the names of the monsters. (it helps to print out some big ones)
  • Have Students write a color in each of the two blanks. There are only five monsters, so this increases the number of possibilities students can choose from. Ex: ...a black zombie,.....a pink witch.
  • Divide the class into teams. (I do three teams, two rows each)
  • Play. The teams take turns being the "Shopper". I use dice to determine which student is the lucky one. The Shopper stands up and says "I'm looking for a purple zombie." A student form one of the other two teams who has the same monster (first one to raise hand) becomes the clerk and together they recite the dialog. The team with the clerk gets the point. The next team becomes the shopper. Repeat.


  • This game is very easy to fit into Almost Mario Kart format. Instead of the Clerk getting a point for the team, he instead gets to draw a power-up. All teams can roll for movement after the dialogue is finished, not just the 2 who spoke.


  • I like to limit this game to 3 teams because the dialogue takes time to read, and some teams (especially girl rows) don't like to speak out in class. By grouping them into larger teams, everyone feels more connected to the game


  • This lesson was designed for Sunshine 1, Speaking 4 (Shopping)



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Estimated time: 30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

May 29, 2019


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