Get It Wrong To Win

Students must answer the questions wrong (but grammatically correct) to win!

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Originally submitted by Alexander Grant on Oct 3, 2014.


  • GetItWrongToWin cards
  • Kitchen timer or stop watch


Demonstrate the activity with the JTE or another student. Write the rules on the board for reference.

First, students go into groups. Then, one student is the reader of questions and the other student gives wrong answers. Each wrong answer is one point. A round is one minute and finishes if...
a) the student says a correct answer.
b) the student says the wrong grammar or a single word answer.
c) the student says the same answer.
d) the timer runs out.

Play 1 round per student. Announce winners. Get feedback on good answers. Repeat with new groups.


  • PAIRS: Make more sets of the cards and play 3-4 rounds each. Encourage the students to speak quicker.
  • CLASS: If students are less motivated, play as a class with all the students standing up. When a student answers a questions wrong, they can sit down. When there are 3-4 students left, end the game.
  • ENGLISH CLUB: Have the students produce the question on the cards themselves. Make about 20-30 cards per group of interrogative questions (Wh-questions). After each group is done, have the other groups try the other group's activity.


  • If the students are not answering more than 3-4 questions in one minute, extend the time to two minutes.
  • If the language is too difficult for the students, simplfy the cards to the grade level below. (The current cards are suitable for JHS 2nd year).


  • Find information on the original game over at



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Estimated time: 5-15 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

May 23, 2019


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